Rockin' Girl Blogger Award

I would like to thank Yasmin of "Hooks And Laces" who has given me this award. Thank you so much for the award and I am really touched.

Yasmin, your comments have always encouraged me a lot. I hope our friendship continues to grow.

Now since its been only a few months since I started my blog, I have only a few blogger friends. So I am giving this award to only 2 bloggers:

1. Shobha ji. Her blog has the most delicious home recipes you will never find anywhere else. Her method of explaining the recipes with step-by-step pics makes it easy for even the non-cooks to cook a delicious meal. She is not only a good cook but also a very good human being. You will always find her helping others, doing things for others or buying gifts for others. This quality of hers made me give this award to her. She deserves it more than anyone else.

2. Punam who has got a wonderful blog about almost everything... poetry, inspiratiion, birds, relationships, philosophy, cooking and many more. She is one of the most creative people ever. A great writer and a perfectionist. Your poems really rock!. So this award is for you, Punam.