Glitter Painting

Using glitter and glue, this painting comes out really well... and its easy to do.

Items Needed:

Glitter Powder
White Glue or Fevicol
Paint Brush


1.Sketch the outline of your design on the black cloth, preferably felt, but anything will do.

Mix 2 parts white glue with 1/2 part water to bring the thick glue to a cream consistency.

3.With the help of paint brush, apply the glue on parts of the design where u want to sprinkle glitter powder. Do it one color at a time. For example, if u r doing blue, first apply glue to only those areas which are to be blue.

4.Sprinkle a good amount of glitter powder over the glue generously and pat gently with finger. Don't worry about the glitter creating a mess over the cloth.... after it dries in about 6 hours, you can hold the cloth vertically over a newspaper and collect the excess glitter for reuse.

5.Repeat steps 3 & 4 with the next colour, and the next, until the whole painting is done.