Model Doily


Chie said...

Hi V JR!
Thanks for visiting my blog earlier. :)
You make BEAUTIFUL doilies!!!
You even have your orginal patterns, I wish I had a talent to do that. :)
I LOVE crocheting doilies too, but unfortunately my vision has started to get on my way. :(
I'll be your regular visitor of your blog. :) Can't wait to see your next project!

V JR said...

Thank You so much for your compliments !!! I loved your blog too and will make sure to visit it regularly.

V JR said...


I am still an amateur and have not yet started creating my own patterns.
The patterns that u see in my blog are in the public domain on the Internet... that brings you and me on the same talent level.
But I am flattered by your compliments all the same, so thanks once again!

noricum said...

Wow, you do beautiful work!

V JR said...

Thanks a lot !

Anonymous said...

VJR, Thanks for visiting my Blog, your doilies are breathtaking!!!
Also checked out your food blog, great recipes.

V JR said...

Thank you very much....and do keep visiting.