Picot-Roofed Crocheted Cottage

Cottage Front & Back:

Cottage Sides:

Cottage Base:

Cottage Roofs:

Cottage Doors:

After joining the pieces:


Ninu said...

beautiful cottage..

Punam said...

Me firsttttttttt!!!
I want to live in that house. :) Its chooo cuuuteee!! Lovely.. you have a blessing, Vinita. A divine blessing.

Yasmin said...

It is so so pretty ! As always another one of your beautiful works.

Vinita said...

Thanks everyone!!
♥ Hugs ♥
~ Vinita

Miki said...

Beatiful miniature,and thank you so mach for tutorial.

Anonymous said...

omg !!!!! i just found your site and i luv it! so many wonderful things to keep me busy !! look forward to more! keep up the good work ! and thanks for the site !!!!!