Royal Ribbons Victorian Basket


Sana said...

Hello Vinita jee.

I'm Sana from Hyderabad, AP. Residing in KSA.
I love your site because of your choice of doilies and colors.

Now I love it even more coz of your choice of songs...hehe. Especially Dil Ibadat, Tujh Mein, Guzaarish, Agar Tum Miljao, Chand Sifarish, Mar Jaawan, I guess I covered everything. When the music plays, I feel like I'm in a Hotel Lounge.

Take care and keep it coming!!!

Sana said...

Hello again,
Please add more instrumentals to ur jukebox like Pehla nasha, Heartbeat - KHNH, Hum Tumhaaren hai, etc.. so i can check out your work and listen to the golden tunes at the same time. Time is precious, y'know...hehe.

Sana said...

Hello Vinita jee,

Could you please tell me What hook sizes you usually use to make these doilies? Please state the metric sizes. And do you use thread number 8?

Waiting Eagerly...
Take care

Shobha said...

It is very pretty Vini. Now make some crochet flowers to put in it : )

Vinita said...


Thank you soooooooo much! I'm glad you liked my blog. I will certainly ad the instrumentals u mentioned in a few days.

I use hook size no. 0.95 mm.

The threads I use are of a local brand called 'Jyoti' threads.. In fact my dad buys the threads for me from Hyderabad. The size of thread is not mentioned in it. I have always these threads.... and I have no idea what size its called.


Vinita said...


Thanks :-)
I will try to make flowers too.

~ Vinita

LindaCrochets said...

This is such a pretty basket! I just love your choice of thread!

Vinita said...


Thanks! :-)

Frualbertsson said...

Hello Vinita
Thankyou for all inspiration in your beautiful blog, and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Punam said...

Heyyy Vins, this is superbbb.. which thread u've used??
Its very beautiful.
Love, Punam

Vinita said...

Thanks Punam... I used the same threads which I always use... I showed them to u? remember?

Vinita said...

Susanne...thank you and same to you!

Bikramjit said...

ITs beautiful.. How can i lay my hands on one of those :)

he he hehe .. you are very good in making such lovely things

take care and wishing you a happy new year


Vinita said...

Thanks Bikram !! Happy New Year to you too !!

crocheteer said...

Hi Vinita!

i kept reading yout blog for quite a time and i love your work. The way you use colours truly inspired me.

Alle the best + a happy new year!


Vinita said...


Thank you !! Happy New Year to u too !!!

Faith said...

Just found your blog..lots to see.
loving crochet also...have a great day.

Vinita said...

Faith, thanks! :-)

Rosa Goncalves said...

Olá! que lindeza, amei, estes seus mais lindos trabalhos
adorei seu trabalho lindo

Vinita said...

Thanks, Rosa!

Sharda said...

Very cute basket.

Vinita said...

thanks :)))