Pineapple Flower Basket


Punam said...




(Ya ya, I know)

V JR said...

Hi Punam, thanks for the lovely comments. Do keep visiting. :-)

Leti said...

That's a beautiful basket and so many little flowers!!
About your, I don't think the butterfly is made out of crochet. really I don't what technique is made of. I found it in one of those craft mall. As soon i saw it fell in love with it.
Hope you have a great year!!

Roberta Granada said...

Oi, adorei teu blog, se tiveres interesse em trocar links, me manda um email ou deixe uma mensagem no meu blog,visite-me,atenciosamente

Yasmin said...

Beautiful! Lovely work, Vjr. I was unable to open your blog for last few months....luckily it worked today. You've been doing some lovely art work.

V JR said...

Hi Yasmin,
Good to have you back.
I don't know why.... but many have complained about not being able to view my blog.
Thanks for stopping by. :-)